Cindy Muñoz

CSUN National Museum of American History Intern

Cindy Michelle Muñoz is a first generation Mexican American currently attending California State University, Northridge undergraduate program. She will receive her diploma this May in history, and is currently in the process of applying for graduate programs. She is interested in studying Mesoamerican culture, focusing on women, migration, and religious practices. She attends to do her dissertation on these factors using codex as well as oral history with the many Nahuatl nations in Mexico. 

While attending her undergraduate program, Cindy has developed a program with fellow historians to bring food insecurity down on her campus.  Her mission on this project is to bring Mexica agricultural practice of chinampas onto her campus. She is currently working alongside an organization in Mexico City to bring awareness to the chinampas in Xochimilco, while also creating an oasis in Southern California.